Turning Scrolls into Goals: How Nonprofits are Using TikTok for a Cause

By: Rachel Sylvester As the fundraising landscape evolves, nonprofits are searching for fresh and engaging ways to drum up support. Enter social media: a powerhouse for boosting visibility and rallying support for charitable causes. TikTok has emerged as a beloved favorite among these digital giants, especially among the Gen Z and Millennial crowds. A growing […]

Notable Nonprofit Sector Stories in 2023 from around the Globe

The year 2023 has been a remarkable period for the nonprofit sector, with organizations around the globe making significant strides in various fields. Here are 9 stories that stood out for their innovation, impact and inspiration. “United for Climate”: The Global Climate Action Coalition – Spearheaded by Green Earth Alliance (USA) and Climate Action Network […]

Building Effective, Healthy Nonprofit Boards

Are you wanting to elevate your nonprofit to new heights? Have you had the same board members for years? Do personal agendas overshadow the organization’s mission? It may be time to take a look at the composition of your board to make sure you follow the guiding principles and best practices. According to the Standards […]

Sustainable Growth: Strengthening Nonprofits Through Strategic Investment

By: Jessica Munday, Jessica Rodriguez and Heather Davidson In the world of nonprofits, pursuing financial sustainability should take center stage as an essential driver for long-term success. While the term ‘strategic investment’ may initially seem at odds with the altruistic mission of these organizations, a shift in perspective reveals that a focus on strategic investment […]

8 reasons why guiding principles and best practices matter

By: Jessica Munday, Cloud 9 Co-Founder & Partner Jessica is passionate about this topic and was an advisor with Together SC to author several editions of South Carolina’s Guiding Principles and Best Practices for Nonprofits. If systems set you free, following guiding principles and best practices gives you the framework and guardrails to operate so […]

Ethical Excellence in Nonprofit Fundraising

In today’s multifaceted world, I often remind our clients that a guiding principle must be following their North Star. It’s the unwavering beacon that steers individuals and organizations toward unshakeable authenticity, trustworthiness and credibility. While the importance of ethics is undeniable across all sectors, its weight is profoundly felt within the nonprofit realm. The reason? […]

Unraveling the Future of Nonprofits: Top 10 Insights from a Recent Study

By: Jessica Munday, Cloud 9 Co-Founder In the ever-evolving landscape of the nonprofit sector, industry professionals must stay updated with the latest trends and insights. Recently, I downloaded a report published by NonprofitPRO on nonprofit leadership impact. The report provided a deep dive into the current state and future trajectory of nonprofits after more than […]

Unpacking Insights from the 2023 South Florida Regional Grants Conference

The 2023 South Florida Regional Grants Conference was a treasure trove of knowledge, offering a myriad of insights for grant professionals. The conference provided the perfect venue to exchange innovative ideas, learn about best practices in grant application and management, and gain insight into understanding the pivotal role of alignment and communication in securing grants. […]

The Cornerstone of Success: Building a Healthy Culture in Your Nonprofit Organization

By: Jessica Rodriguez, Cloud 9 Co-Founder In my 20-plus years of working with nonprofit organizations, one attribute stands out to me – organizational culture. Culture isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the lifeblood that permeates the heart and soul of any organization, whether you are a nonprofit or not. For nonprofits, where resources are often limited […]