Turning Scrolls into Goals: How Nonprofits are Using TikTok for a Cause

By: Rachel Sylvester

As the fundraising landscape evolves, nonprofits are searching for fresh and engaging ways to drum up support. Enter social media: a powerhouse for boosting visibility and rallying support for charitable causes. TikTok has emerged as a beloved favorite among these digital giants, especially among the Gen Z and Millennial crowds. A growing number of charitable organizations are venturing into this dynamic space, aiming to connect with new audiences and tap into previously unexplored demographics. Considering over half of TikTok’s users are under 30, it presents an opportunity for nonprofits wanting to diversify their fundraising strategies.

But why TikTok, specifically for nonprofits? Melissa Newman sheds light on this in a LinkedIn article, highlighting the platform’s engagement rates, creativity canvas, and cost-effectiveness as prime reasons. TikTok outshines its social media counterparts, with users dedicating around an hour daily to the app, offering nonprofits an opportunity to engage with potential supporters. Newman points out the power of creative storytelling on TikTok, from showcasing the impact of volunteer efforts to innovative fundraising campaign ideas, all of which can significantly enhance user interaction and engagement. The platform’s cost-effective nature stands out as a significant draw. With the potential for broad reach without the need for paid advertising, nonprofits can create an account, start posting, and watch their visibility increase. Features like live streams and the donate button further simplify the fundraising process, enabling direct contributions from users.

Success stories on TikTok inspire nonprofits. In an article for the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Rasheeda Childress highlights how the Aquarium of the Pacific and the KC Pet Project have effectively used TikTok to boost their fundraising efforts. With nearly 3 million followers, the Aquarium leveraged a 12-hour live stream on World Ocean Day 2021 to raise $4,800 and gain 200,000 new followers, combining educational content with direct appeals for support. Similarly, the KC Pet Project, an animal shelter, used TikTok’s power alongside matching grants to raise $120,000 on Giving Tuesday, using pre-filmed videos to promote adoptions and engage with the community.

These examples show TikTok’s potential for nonprofit fundraising, offering a mix of high engagement, creative freedom, and cost-efficiency that’s hard to beat. TikTok represents an untapped avenue for charities looking to broaden their fundraising horizons.

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