With an unmatched approach, we elevate your nonprofit.

Ask our clients and you will hear time and time again that Cloud 9 is a true partner. We don’t come in, tell you what to do and then leave. We’re right by your side from initial assessment to planning to actually getting the work done to accomplish your goals. Every organization, team, and advisory board is different, and we craft an approach customized to your unique strengths and challenges. Once a plan is in place, we blend strategy, experience and ingenuity to achieve success. And, we do it the Cloud 9 Way!


Through personalized assessment, we work directly with your key stakeholders to uncover and assess your current challenges. From an in-depth, thoughtful review to creation of a realistic plan, our goal in this step is to implement quick action items to correct low-hanging opportunities, stabilize issues and set you up for a successful engagement with Cloud 9.


Once our assessment is complete and we identify the challenges and opportunities at hand, we get to work building out recommendations and timelines for the implementation of a holistic long-term plan. We build from years of experience to create a plan that will inspire stakeholders, support your organization and  produce positive outcomes.


With a focus on accountability, we work with internal teams to implement action items and provide support along the way. We articulate our goals and KPIs together so we can achieve meaningful results. Rest assure, our team will be there right by your side as we navigate getting things done to address the challenges you face.


Ensuring quality and impactful results is a priority for our team as we continue our journey together. We will revisit our initial challenges and goals to honestly review the progress and impact of our recommendations. We assess and pivot as needed to ensure that we are providing ongoing value to your organization and we are experiencing the desired outcomes we set out to accomplish. 


When you bring on Cloud 9, you bring on a team who become an extension of your team. We become your biggest fans and will champion your cause throughout our work together and beyond. Your goals become our goals and like any good champion, we set out not to get what we can but to give everything we’ve got.