Wave of Change: MacKenzie Scott’s ‘Yield Giving’ Campaign and Its $640 Million Impact

By: Kelly O’Neill

Giving back to the community isn’t just a statement for MacKenzie Scott—it’s a commitment she’s wholeheartedly embraced. Scott is a strong advocate for philanthropy and has dedicated herself to donating her wealth to non-profit organizations through her Yield Giving Campaign over the past year. In March of 2024, Scott gave out $640 million to 361 organizations across the United States. Each of these organizations is community-led and community-focused.

Out of 6,353 applications, 279 organizations received over $1 million each, while an additional 82 organizations received $2 million each. These carefully selected organizations share a common mission: to amplify the voices and opportunities of marginalized communities facing economic hardships, discrimination, and systemic barriers.

The Power of Unrestricted Giving: 

Her generosity goes beyond just granting these organizations funds, she drew attention to the significance of unrestricted giving—a practice that empowers nonprofits with the flexibility to allocate funds according to their needs. Unlike restricted grants, which often come with conditions on how funds should be used, unrestricted funds allow organizations to address pressing internal needs, such as staffing, resource access, or facility improvements, thus enabling them to fulfill their mission more effectively. 

Moreover, Yield giving is modeled after the belief in adding value by giving up control. This model can be used as a reason to proactively engage with potential donors who share your organization’s values and vision. Having an open conversation with donors to highlight the impact of your programs and initiatives and demonstrate how their support can directly make a meaningful difference in the lives of those you serve.


Scott’s generosity serves to empower others to join her in making a difference. With over 6,000 organizations vying for assistance, Scott’s generosity highlights the staggering need within the nonprofit sector. Imagine the transformative impact we could achieve if more individuals of her status followed her example, stepping up to support organizations striving to create positive change in society.

How We Can Help:

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