Fostering Appreciation in Nonprofits

By: Rachel Sylvester In our previous blog post by Heather Davidson, Defining Roles for Volunteers and Why It Matters, she explored the importance of clearly defined roles for volunteers. Heather dives deeper into how having a well-structured volunteer engagement strategy can significantly benefit both nonprofits and their volunteers. By providing clear guidelines and expectations, nonprofits […]

Be where your feet are: A lesson learned in service

In our sometimes hectic lives, it’s easy to be distracted where we physically are. I’ve personally struggled with being present, often joking that the idea of meditation brings me more anxiety than the relief it promises. It is so easy to spend a significant amount of our time and energy planning for the future or […]

The State of Nonprofits 2023: A Deeper Look

The State of Nonprofits 2023: A Deeper Look The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) recently released a comprehensive report titled The State of Nonprofits 2023: What Funders Need to Know. This insightful report delves into the evolving landscape of nonprofit organizations and offers valuable insights for funders seeking to make a positive impact. But what […]