Defining roles for volunteers and why it matters

By: Heather Davidson Activate and Grow Your Volunteer Network  Nonprofits are the safety nets of our communities—weaving the protections that support our most vulnerable. Organizations are asked to solve complex systemic issues requiring time, capacity, and resources. Few resources are as invaluable and transformative in nonprofits as dedicated volunteers. Driven by passion and a desire […]

Being fully present and appreciating the past are key to mindfulness

Jessica in Vietnam on boat in canal

By: Jessica Munday | Cloud Nine Nonprofit Advisors, Co-Founder Last year, my business partner stepped away from the daily grind to participate in a mission trip in the Bahamas. She returned with a profound new perspective: “Be where your feet are.” Her reflections on being fully present resonated with me, and whenever the opportunity […]

Unraveling the Future of Nonprofits: Top 10 Insights from a Recent Study

By: Jessica Munday, Cloud 9 Co-Founder In the ever-evolving landscape of the nonprofit sector, industry professionals must stay updated with the latest trends and insights. Recently, I downloaded a report published by NonprofitPRO on nonprofit leadership impact. The report provided a deep dive into the current state and future trajectory of nonprofits after more than […]