Wave of Change: MacKenzie Scott’s ‘Yield Giving’ Campaign and Its $640 Million Impact

By: Kelly O’Neill Giving back to the community isn’t just a statement for MacKenzie Scott—it’s a commitment she’s wholeheartedly embraced. Scott is a strong advocate for philanthropy and has dedicated herself to donating her wealth to non-profit organizations through her Yield Giving Campaign over the past year. In March of 2024, Scott gave out $640 […]

How to Maximize Your Nonprofit’s Strategic Plan: A Guide for Broader Impact

By: Jessica Rodriguez and Jessica Munday Often, nonprofits exist without a strategic plan, going against guiding principles and best practices. If you don’t have a strategic plan, we highly recommend you start there. However, a number of nonprofits have invested the necessary time to create a valuable roadmap for their organization, creating a guide for […]

Top 3 Best Practices in Fundraising

By: Rachel Sylvester What constitutes effective fundraising practices? The answer can vary among nonprofit organizations, and strategies can include soliciting donations, volunteer outreach, or selecting the optimal fundraising tools. Each of these strategies contributes to the set of best practices in fundraising for nonprofit organizations, and if you had to take away just three, these […]

Sustainable Growth: Strengthening Nonprofits Through Strategic Investment

By: Jessica Munday, Jessica Rodriguez and Heather Davidson In the world of nonprofits, pursuing financial sustainability should take center stage as an essential driver for long-term success. While the term ‘strategic investment’ may initially seem at odds with the altruistic mission of these organizations, a shift in perspective reveals that a focus on strategic investment […]

Infusing fun into strategic planning: Embracing joy and success

Strategic planning often gets a bad rap in the nonprofit sector. Leaders are swamped with immediate needs, from budget constraints to donor relations, making long-term thinking feel like a luxury. But here’s a new idea: what if strategic planning became a source of joy instead of dread? At the core of Cloud 9’s values lies […]