Celebrating milestones: How to engage stakeholders in meaningful moments

In nonprofits, milestones mark significant achievements and important moments in the organization’s journey. From anniversaries and brand launches to graduations and other remarkable occasions, these milestones provide a golden opportunity to strengthen connections with donors and stakeholders. Let’s explore how nonprofits can infuse fun and excitement into these milestones, fostering a deeper bond with their […]

Six tips to build donor stewardship within your nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations must understand the essence of fundraising to advance their missions and move closer toward their visions. Fundraising is a core component to the operations of a nonprofit. Equally crucial, and often overlooked, is the practice of donor stewardship, which involves managing relationships with donors to ensure their long-term support and involvement. Donor stewardship […]

Six important steps for establishing a giving society

Establishing giving levels for a giving society to support a nonprofit organization is an important strategy to recognize and appreciate donors for their contributions. We have seen the value of launching a giving circle (or society) help a nonprofit launch a long-desired program or even help a new nonprofit get off the ground. A few […]